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  • Everyone loves personalized gifts! Head on over to and we will add a one of these cute initial charms for FREE to any of our birthstone necklaces. Discount taken at checkout.  Use coupon code personalizeme - Plus FREE shipping on any order of 25+ .
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  • Can anyone relate? 🤷‍♀️🤔.
  • Say Merry Christmas to one of our favorite sales all year!!! 🌲Choose all your ❤️favorite birthstones for all your favorite people and we’ll add a personalized initial charm for FREE!  Link to our shop in bio. Shop - themed gifts - birthstones - Use coupon code personalizeme at checkout.  #personalizedgifts #personalizedjewelry #personalizedbirthstonejewelry  #personalizedbirthstonenecklace #shopjewelry
  • Did you watch the face to face for children and youth with Elder Gong?  How will you strive to be better today?  #strivetobe
  • Which one is your favorite?  Nativity, lamb or star? .  Keep Christ close to your heart  this holiday season.  #christinchristmas #christmaslamb #christmasnativity #christmasjewelry #christmasthemejewelry #benearmelordjesus #benearmelordjesusiasktheetostay
  • This morning I went to the temple.  It was still dark outside. I passed the temple gardener and we exchanged morning greetings. As I turned to walk away he stopped me and said, I have something for you.  This is an acorn from the temple oak tree.  I was suddenly so filled with gratitude for the kind gardener for helping me to notice the beauty all around me this November morning.
  • If you are questioning whether or not you are enough, Stop, right now. Because I promise you, you are! .
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  • This is the hardest test we’ve taken all year 🤔🤷‍♀️ ready set GO!
  • As the Christmas season approaches, I always promise myself I will take time to focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. It’s just so easy to get caught up in the rush of the season!!! I am making a conscious effort this year to incorporate more Christ in my Christmas and in my designs. We have designed some tangible reminders for you.  I hope you like them! He is the reason to celebrate and the true designer of this great journey.  Hope everyone has a blessed day! .  #christmaslamb #christinchristmas #nativitynecklace #christmasbeginswithchrist #heisthereasonfortheseason

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