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  • Who has a January birthday? We are going to randomly pick three of our followers to send one of these sweet gems too! ....
So be sure to tag anyone special to you with a January birthday that might like wearing this. Or maybe you would like one for yourself.  We will even personalize it with an initial charm! . ➡️ Swipe right to see our cute flower birthstone necklaces for little girls. Something they will love and treasure. Birthdays are so fun!!
  • A few years ago my husband lost his wallet. He went and put gas in our boat and accidentally left his wallet on the back deck of the boat. .
He realized it on the way home but it was too late.  The wallet had already fallen off the back of the boat somewhere between the gas station and our home. .

We prayed and then searched everywhere for it and to no avail. .

We finally decided to leave and head boating as originally planned feeling the wallet wasn't going to be found by us.
On the way to the lake- we called and cancelled all the credit cards.  But while on the phone with one of the banks - they mentioned that we had already canceled this card a couple days ago and that they had shipped our new card to Florida as instructed by us. They also asked about the recent charges on our card. .
-We live in Idaho. This is when we first became aware that my husbands identity had been stolen. .

This crazy experience taught me a lot about God—and that The Lord works in mysterious ways.
God knew that my husband would need to lose his wallet in order to find out that his identity had been stolen. .
I would have never guessed it, but God knew.
God has connected all the dots. .

Elder Uchtdorf once said, “The dots only connect behind us. They do not connect in front of us. We may not know now why things happen but eventually we will and then we will say, with a heart full of gratitude and love for Heavenly Father, “now I understand.” In the end all will be well.” .
Eventually we will understand, even if it isn’t in this life.
When you think about it more -

Faith is believing in advance, what will only make sense in reverse.

End of the story - When we got home from boating someone had found my husbands  wallet and from that found our address and placed it in our mail box.  God knew that would happen too. He just needed a way to get our attention.

When it is all finished you will discover it is never random. .
  • As 2020 marks the 200 year anniversary of Joseph Smith’s first vision, we think you will love  having this truth restored charm as a tangible reminder of that great event in the history of our Church.
  • The best way to get things done is to simply begin. Happy New Year! 🎊 •.•
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  • Happy News Years! 🎊 Cheers to fresh starts and new goals, but also a recognition of all we have done and survived. 💪🏼 Love this quote by @emilyonlife #newyearquotes #newyear2020 #newbeginings #doodlebeads #happynewyearquotes  #newyear2020🎉
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  • The true meaning of Christmas! .
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  • The Salt Lake Temple is central to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints faith. It closes for four years to complete a major renovation on December 29th. What are you doing to keep this temple close to your heart?  We have some ideas! .
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  • “Because He came to earth, … we [can] have joy and happiness in our lives and peace each day of the year. … Because He came, there is meaning to our mortal existence.” - President S. Monson .
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