We are so excited about the new 2019 Mutual Theme! The purpose of the yearly LDS mutual theme is to provide opportunities for youth worldwide to learn about, study, internalize and applies the principles taught in the scripture. Youth are encouraged to memorize the scripture, study the doctrine, and act of the principles learned throughout the year.
If I have learned anything from my years serving in the Young Women’s program, it’s this: YW leaders LOVE their girls! The young women and their needs are always in your heart and mind. But seriously there is SO MUCH that has to be done in this program often times it gets overwhelming.
You have New Beginnings, Young Womens in Excellence, Mutual EVERY week, girls camp, trek, stake conference, firesides, dances, stake activities, stake trainings, presidency meetings, class presidency meetings, BYC, Sunday lessons, personal progress . . .
I could go on and on and on! I think the most important is reaching out and fellowshipping the girls one by one. As leaders, you really want to help the girls. You want to show you love and concern and that you really care.
But life is busy. You have your family. your job, your personal life too. So how do you keep all those important activities simple, yet still keep it fun, relevant, and pretty?
That is where Doodle Beads product and printables and things come in! These necklaces and things are designed specifically with the theme in mind. We pray and work hard to try to design things that youth will love and keep and serve as a reminder of the mutual theme each year.
We have socks, rings, necklaces, bookmarks, keychains, tie clips, printables and everything you need to help accomplish some of these activities or birthdays and have more time to focus on the youth. We also offer group discounts!